Introduction gikApp – React Native Full App

All the features you will love WordPress Integration via REST API OneSignal Notification RTL Multi Languages Offline Mode Reading Sidebar with multi-level Menu Your page template Infinite Lazy load Social Shareing feature Contact page Clean code, no bullshit! Best UI/UX Practices Website & Video: Click here to know more: Supporting website: […]

Change App Icon in your App

Want to have your own icon for your app? This is very simple. Follow below given steps to customize app-icon for your app. Visit MakeAppIcon website Enter the image of your choice to get logo of various dimensions For iOS: You should upload iOS icons to/ios/[yourProject]/Images.xcassets/AppIcon.appiconset/ For Android: You should […]

How to customize individual pages

To customize individual pages, you need to go to the [your Project]/src/screens directory. This is where you will find the files for each page. For example, if you want to customize the home page, navigate to the screens folder and open the Home.js file. Once opened, you’ll see that the […]

Creating and Using a Custom Icon Font for Android

Option: With Gradle (recommended) This method has the advantage of fonts being copied from this module at build time so that the fonts and JS are always in sync, making upgrades painless. Edit android/app/build.gradle ( NOT android/build.gradle ) and add the following: apply from: “../../node_modules/react-native-vector-icons/fonts.gradle” To customize the files being […]

Creating and Using a Custom Icon Font for IOS

Option: Manually If you want to use any of the bundled icons, you need to add the icon fonts to your Xcode project. Just follow these steps: Browse to node_modules/react-native-vector-icons and drag the folder Fonts (or just the ones you want) to your project in Xcode. Make sure your app […]