Creating and Using a Custom Icon Font for Android

Option: With Gradle (recommended) This method has the advantage of fonts being copied from this module at build time so that the fonts and JS are always in sync, making upgrades painless. Edit android/app/build.gradle ( NOT android/build.gradle ) and add the following: apply from: “../../node_modules/react-native-vector-icons/fonts.gradle” To customize the files being […]

How to customize individual pages

To customize individual pages, you need to go to the [your Project]/src/screens directory. This is where you will find the files for each page. For example, if you want to customize the home page, navigate to the screens folder and open the Home.js file. Once opened, you’ll see that the […]

How to install WhatsApp theme

In order to setup for React Native (RN) template you should connect to the internet and install dependencies library. If you have not chanced to set it up with React Native, please take a look to the document here: Step 1:  Installing Unzip the downloaded code from Code Canyon. Using […]