BBCNews Theme Docs

1.BBCNews Theme

2.Technologies Used

The components of BBCNews are built using the core components of React Native. The theme also constantly incorporates various other latest technologies.


4.How to Build Your App

BBCNews theme guides you throughout building your app, providing the steps and procedure to customize.

4.6.Rename App

Renaming any React Native app is strenous. But BBCNews theme proves its flexibility for this approach. Follow below given steps to rename your app.

  • Rename the app name in following files.
    • package.json
    • index.ios.js
  • This process wipes out the launchscreen and app icon from your app. Hence you can restore them before moving ahead.iOS: Restore ios/bbcnews/Images.xcassets
    Android: Restore /android/app/src/main/res
  • Delete the iOS and android directories from your project.
  • Run following commands on your terminal:
    react-native upgrade
    react-native android
    react-native link
  • Overwrite all the files if it prompts.
  • Repeat CodePush deployment if you want to include it in your app.
  • Try simulating now.
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