Configurate Push Notification

  1. You need to setup OneSignal account to support pushnotification (
  2. Install WordPress plugin to support push notification after publish a post:

  3. The download package has already configure all the setting for you, but you need to replace the APP_ID to integrate with your OneSignal account. You can also refer detail document here for setting up –
    • IOS: Go to ios/AppDelegate.m, change your oneSignalappId
    • Android: Go to android/app/build.gradle: Change your onesignal_app_id

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  1. splitpierre

    I’m using Android, and I did managed to get notifications appearing, not sure i’ve done it right.
    BUT, when i pop the notification, it’s taking me to the website post and not the post inside the app. Is this in ongoing development?

    1. cuong.vo

      This features will be updated soon in December 2017.
      Thank you!

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