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In order to setup for React Native (RN) template you should connect to the internet and install dependencies library. If you have not chanced to set it up with React Native, please take a look to the document here:

Step 1:  Installing

  • Unzip the downloaded code from Code Canyon.
  • Using the terminal, issue the following command.

npm install
This will install all the required modules for your app.

Step 2: Upgrade your app’s template files to the latest version

$ react-native upgrade

remember choose yes (y) to the end

Step 3: Linking Libraries

Link your native dependencies:

$ react-native link

Done! All libraries with a native dependencies should be successfully linked to your iOS/Android project.

Step 3: Starting the server.

By using these command line:

$ npm start

  • To simulate for iOS
    • Method One:
      • Open the project in XCode from ios/[yourProject].xcodeproj
      • Hit button to simulate.
    • Method Two: 
      • In your terminal, type:
        react-native run-ios
  • To simulate for Android
    • Make sure you have an Android emulator installed and running.
    • In your terminal, type:
      react-native run-android


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