Material Design eCommerce Theme Docs

1.Material Design eCommerce Theme

Ecommerce material that helps you build fast, modern mobile apps for ecommerce. This version has more professinal collection’s material, list’s material, banner’s material. There are many componentes for you can create beautiful home screen, collection or category (list) screen. All components are easy to customize and reuse. 

Available Components in this version:

  • Banner Material
    • Static banner
    • Banner With Text
    • Slider Banner
    • Carousel
  • Collection Material
    • Grid style
    • Grid style with center title
    • List style with three block
    • List style with four block
  • Listing Material
    • Swiper style
    • Grid style
    • Swiper collection style

2.Technologies Used

The components of Material Theme App are built using the core components of React Native. The theme also constantly incorporates various other latest technologies.

  • react 16.0.0-alpha.6
  • react-native 0.44.0
  • react-native-image-slider ^1.1.5
  • react-native-snap-carousel ^2.1.4
  • react-native-vector-icons ^4.1.1
  • react-navigation ^1.0.0-beta.9


After confirming that your environment is ready, read How to install a react antive app.

On installation, if you don’t run “react-native upgrade” before trying to run the project it will fail.

4.Material ecommerce theme Structure

The project structure is designed by Reactaz, where functionality is grouped primarily by feature rather than file type.

ecommerce material theme


  • assets:  images.
  • data:  Demo database.
  • resources: All components are used like material for screens.
    • components: Main components of screens.
    • helpers:  Utility components.
    • styles: Components what define color, padding values,..
  • screens: All screens of the app will in here.
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  1. jwebcat

    on installation, if you don’t run “react-native upgrade” before trying to run the project it will fail.

    1. cuong.vo

      We updated documentation on your feedback.
      Thank you for your contributing this note.

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